Non-Profit Solutions

We are connected with the non-profit organizations within our area and we work for your success. Our mixed marketing solutions for non-profit businesses are outlined to enable you maintain your outputs and financial efforts, while developing awareness in your vicinity. We have worked with Government companies, Business Associations, local groups and different assistance centres. We offer our non-profit clients the major tools they require for building awareness they deserve to create an influence on their community.


·         Increase community awareness

·         Give the media easy access to the information they need

·         Attract more volunteers and high-quality repeat sponsors

·         Increase overall exposure for your brand, organization and/or cause

·         Incorporate social media prominently into the design

·         Add your voice to the cause and engage your audience

·         Showcase positive action taking place

Our modified non-profit web solutions enable strengthen your non-profit brand’s web presence. We plan and build up solutions especially for your company’s origin and purpose.

Our incorporated non-profit website solutions consist of design and development, content writing, hosting and maintenance– we concentrate on the details so you can work on the cause.


We have a team of expert designers those who are able to work according to the latest trends and techniques of website designs and devices for non-profit companies, and also being experienced with such services they are familiar with the qualities of non -profit web design. Thus they are used to working as per maintaining proper standards.

·         Modern, good looking, fresh Web Design

·         Showcase Your Unique Brand and Cause

·         User friendly Content Management/Editor

·         Attract Potential Sponsors and Volunteers

·         Intuitive and Logical Sitemap

·         Engaging Content associated by Keyword Analysis

·         Search Engine-Friendly Code

·         Optimized for Mobile Access


For any company Website development is one of the toughest and most important jobs to perform and only experienced can do it effortlessly and effectively. Our team is there with entire bunch of tools you need, as a professional, those are aspects of website development and included into a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation.

·         Membership Directory

·         Self-Managed Member Listings

·         Donation tracking and management

·         Events Calendar

·         Online applications process and approval

·         Online Payments

·         Volunteer hours management

·         Members sign up and portal


We enable you to reach your targeted audience and new clients in short period of time to develop awareness for your non-profit fund improving campaign or company. Our offered Search Engine Optimization services persisting to work behind the prospects while you maintain your resources and volunteers aimed at the centre of the mission.

· Website optimization – SEO incorporation and research for each website page

· Social Media Marketing – Techniques and promoting services through social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

· PPC management – Production, research, and management of AdWords campaigns.

· Content Management – Blog writing, PR, social media posting, newsletter development.

· Local Search Marketing – Research and strategy development of local keywords and integration

· Video Marketing – Development and dissemination of landing page videos sharing on social media

· Reports – Detailed data on social media, website, newsletters, and campaigns